What Can A Chatbot Do For My Business?

Imagine walking into a store and an employee approaches you and asks these questions: 
  • May I help you?…
  • Yes, we have that item. Do you want red or blue?…
  • Let me show you all the options.

Just like an employee in a retail store, a chatbot expedites the customer’s journey and sales process on your website.

Your website chatbot asks targeted questions to inquire about your visitor’s needs or issues, and then the chatbot responds with the best options or customer care solution. A chatbot changes your website from a list of static pages to a dynamic user experience.

Why Use Chatbots?
Chatbots allow users to more accurately find what they want instead of clicking through static pages on your website. Users can still navigate a website with a chatbot, but they can also ask “show me red shirts,” and your chatbot will send them directly to the red shirt page. Your chatbot can answer specific product or service questions.

Chatbots have artificial intelligence which means they learn over time and become smarter about your products and services. Your chatbot collects data on what users search for, what questions they ask, what problems they have with a specific product or service, and other business intelligence.

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Ometrics Ochatbot

Ometrics provides eCommerce chatbots, design and development as well as lead generation and support chatbots. We have our own Ochatbot platform which is easily customized for your application and use case. Our Natural Language Processing engineers will work with you during and after the launch of your chatbot to ensure that the chatbot is productive and continues to gain intelligence. Whether you are selling products on an ecommerce store or selling a complex service, your chatbot will increase leads and sales.

Your Ometrics chatbot can engage and interact with visitors in three ways:

  • Chat function that is embedded into the page
  • Sliders that come in from the side of the page
  • Pop-ups that partially cover the page